5 Health Benefits from Having Straight Teeth

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A lot of people want to move forward with orthodontic treatments in order to create a visually nice smile. However, what people do not realize is that straight teeth also offer other health benefits. There are five major health benefits to having straight and aligned teeth besides it being aesthetically appealing.

1. Reduced Risk of Abnormal Wear
When teeth are not correctly aligned, they scrape together and may cause premature enamel breakdown. When this happens, the risk of developing tooth decay increases dramatically. Also, when teeth are not correctly aligned, it can create stress points in the jaw that will in turn create pain in the jaw, neck and shoulder. If teeth are adjusted with orthodontic treatment, they will be aligned and the risk of these potential threats will be lower.

2. Mental and Emotional Confidence

Having straight teeth can eliminate any speech impediment a person may have. With this, a person will gain more confidence because he can speak comfortably and with ease. Even if a person is not consciously affected by misaligned teeth, a straight smile encourages confidence in his physical state. It releases mental stress and stabilizes emotions surrounding his impression on others.

3. Easier to Clean
When teeth are properly aligned, there will be less debris stuck between them. Also with aligned teeth, it is easier to floss and brush properly without having to move at an awkward angle. With misaligned teeth, it is harder to remove the plaque from the teeth. If plaque is not removed within 24 hours, it starts to turn into tartar, which can only be removed by a dental professional. Tartar can cause periodontal disease that is linked to heart disease, strokes and high cholesterol.

4. Efficient Digestion
Teeth play a critical role in the first step of the digestive process, which is the process of chewing. Misaligned teeth will cause a person to use more energy to chew food than a person with aligned teeth. When food is not properly chewed before swallowing, the body cannot properly process all of the nutrients, which can lead to gastrointestinal issues.

5. Pain Relief
Misaligned teeth can cause individuals to bite their check or tongue frequently. In addition, an individual may subconsciously clench their jaw, which is directly related to stress of the neck and contributes to chronic headaches.

When considering going through with orthodontic treatment, don’t just think about the aesthetic benefits, but the overall health benefits as well. There are many good reasons to get your teeth adjusted, but a lot of people do not realize this.

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