No Time For Braces?

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Today more than ever, our time is extremely valuable as our schedules are limited with work, school, family and day to day life. The majority of adults are consumed with these responsibilities that the idea of having time to improve our smiles seems to good to be true. But with the latest and greatest advancements in orthodontics, you can now achieve that stunning smile in no time. Technology like AcceleDent® and suresmile® allow you to cut your treatment time by up to 50%!

Want even more good news? AcceleDent also reduces discomfort associated with orthodontics and works with BOTH braces and invisalign. So not only can you cut your treatment time in half, you can reduce any discomfort AND it works with invisalign so straightening your teeth can be fast, easy, AND our little secret!

If you are a busy professional, a mom with limited time for herself, or maybe have a special event coming up and want to straighten your teeth in HALF THE TIME with LESS PAIN and GREATER COMFORT, Call our office today to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION! 855-563-3735 You can also Click HERE to contact us for an appointment.


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