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Take It Easy On The Sugary Beverages Thumbnail

Take It Easy On The Sugary Beverages

IT'S KNOWN BY MANY DIFFERENT NAMES—pop, soda, soft drinks, soda pop—but when it comes down to its effect on your teeth, it's all the same!...

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Two Minutes, Twice A Day Thumbnail

Two Minutes, Twice A Day

EXCUSES FOR NOT BRUSHING OFTEN are all over the map!…

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Are You Using Mouthwash? Thumbnail

Are You Using Mouthwash?

EVEN THE MOST DILIGENT FLOSSERS AND BRUSHERS sometimes forget about the added benefits of mouthwash...

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Facts About Teeth Thumbnail

Facts About Teeth

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CURIOUS about all the odd facts dental professionals have floating around in their heads all day? Well, it’s your lucky day!...

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