Toothache? We Can Help!

DO YOUR TEETH HURT WHEN YOU CHEW OR WHEN YOU EAT SOMETHING TOO HOT OR TOO COLD? Here at Innovative Orthodontic Centers we understand that toothaches are no fun. Sometimes a simple toothache may be caused by a number of minor factors—including sensitivity. But if you’re unsure, or if the pain continues, it’s probably a good idea to tell Dr. Ibrahim.

Toothaches are often caused by dental cavities, a cracked tooth, an exposed root, or even gum disease. However, the type of tooth sensitivity and pain we hear more about at our office is the one that comes from your orthodontic care. These toothaches come from the pressure that is placed on your teeth as they shift into their new positions. The amount of discomfort you feel will vary depending on your exact orthodontic plan.

If you are suffering from a toothache, let us know. We will help determine whether or not your discomfort is being caused by sensitivity to our procedures, or something that your general dentist needs to look at (like a cavity or cracked tooth).

As temporary relief for a toothache before you are able to visit our office, rinse your tooth with warm water and make sure that nothing is lodged between teeth. Apply an ice pack and/or take an over-the-counter pain reliever to reduce swelling.

Don’t let a toothache bother you any longer—come see us! You have the decision-making power to take control of your lifelong oral health each day.

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