The Use Of Expanders For Adult Braces

ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE ADULTS THAT PROBABLY REALLY NEEDED BRACES AS A KID, but there was just no way that was going to happen? Yes, there are an awfully lot of us in that boat. Lots of “extras” that people take for granted today just were not options when we were young.

Fortunately, here at Innovative Orthodontic Centers we offer a wonderful solution that will give you a smile that you’re confident in showing. Take a quick look at the short video below:

Teeth Crowding

One of the things that many adults struggle with is crowded teeth. It’s very common, and looks even more pronounced for some people as their jaw lengthened over time but stayed quite narrow. Narrow upper jaw development has also been linked to insufficient nasal respiration in some people (mouth breathers).


Expansion or jaw widening is an effective way to treat this condition. In some cases this may be done in advance of wearing adult braces. Expanders painlessly and gently help your palate grow wider—thereby making room to straighten your teeth. Typically, there is a small key that is turned at certain regular intervals.

Regardless of the particular appliances and/or treatment plan Dr. Ibrahim recommends for you, the bottom line is that you are going to FEEL fantastic about the change in your appearance.

Isn’t it about time you considered having the self confidence that comes from a beautiful smile? Talk to Dr. Ibrahim about the details of adult braces.

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