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Been Debating Invisalign? Now May Be The Time Thumbnail

Been Debating Invisalign? Now May Be The Time

Aligners are individually manufactured to exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place...

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Dr. Ibrahim Reminds You To Clean Your Teeth With Great Care Thumbnail

Dr. Ibrahim Reminds You To Clean Your Teeth With Great Care

WE’RE SO PLEASED WITH THE PROGRESS YOU’RE MAKING WITH YOUR BRACES! Underneath it all, your pearly whites are moving—and inching you...

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Like Us On Facebook

DO YOU GET TIRED OF BUSINESSES SCREAMING, “HEY!!! WE’RE ON FACEBOOK!” when it doesn’t really mean anything FOR YOU!? So are we. It just seems goofy. Lots of businesses have “jumped on the bandwagon” because they think they’re “supposed” to be on Facebook. They really don’t think it through from YOUR point of view. Refreshingly, we HAVE thought it through from YOUR point o

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Follow Us On Twitter

OK... If you’re already a Twitter user, you get it... So, just follow us! If you’re NOT using Twitter yet, you’re probably thinking, “What the heck is Twitter, and why should I care?!” We understand, and here’s a quick course: Twitter Is A Real-Time Information Network... that connects you with information you find interesting. Small bursts of information (140 characters in l

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Watch Us On YouTube

What Comes To Your Mind When You Think About YouTube? If you’re like most people, the first thing you probably think is, “The place for funny, viral videos.” But did you know that YouTube is now the #2 search engine on the web? That’s right. People love watching videos—not just for entertainment, but also to better digest the information they’re looking for. On our practice’s Y

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