The Connection Between Breakfast And Your Healthy Smile Thumbnail

The Connection Between Breakfast And Your Healthy Smile

IT’S OFTEN SAID, and health studies agree, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day...

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Top 5 Questions People Have About Invisalign Thumbnail

Top 5 Questions People Have About Invisalign

Top 5 Questions People Have About Invisalign When deciding how to reposition your teeth, Invisalign may be a great option for you. However, it is very different than traditional braces. When people come in for our free consultations, they have a lot of questions about Invisalign. Below are just a few of the questions that are commonly asked about Invisalign. 1. What are the main benefi

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Health Benefits: Straight Teeth Thumbnail

Health Benefits: Straight Teeth

A lot of people want to move forward with orthodontic treatments in order to create a visually nice smile. However, what people do not realize is that straight teeth also offer other health benefits. There are five major health benefits to having straight and aligned teeth besides it being aesthetically appealing. 1. Reduced Risk of Abnormal Wear When teeth are not correctly aligned, the

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No Time For Braces? Thumbnail

No Time For Braces?

Today more than ever, our time is extremely valuable as our schedules are limited with work, school, family and day to day life. The majority of adults are consumed with these responsibilities that the idea of having time to improve our smiles seems to good to be true. But with the latest and greatest advancements in orthodontics, you can now achieve that stunning smile in no time. Technology li

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IOC Gears Up For Ladies Night Thumbnail

IOC Gears Up For Ladies Night

In one week, The Main Street Promenade will transform into Naperville's premiere event showcasing local businesses, restaurants and fashion. The 7th Annual Ladies Night, hosted by Innovative Orthodontic Centers and Naperville Dental Specialists will include complimentary appetizers, drinks, and more! -And this year we're including the men! The event's shopping sections also feature many items avai

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Handling Orthodontic Emergencies Thumbnail

Handling Orthodontic Emergencies

With Halloween approaching, those chewy chocolates, caramels, and taffy apples become more and more tempting for everyone- especially those with braces. While we certainly don't advocate indulging in these forbidden foods, we want you to be prepared for emergencies that can happen as a result. PROBLEM: POKING WIRES SOLUTION: You can try to push the poking wire back into place by using the

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